Spiritual Awakening, Guides, Journeys

“Very powerful and enlightening! I was amazed at what was revealed to me in just one session. By retrieving a part of my soul that was lost as a child, it enabled me to see what was holding me back in my life. I highly recommend Robyn to anyone seeking spiritual awakening and more clarity in their life.” – Anne

“Recently I had the privilege of working long distance with Robyn, uncovering my spirit guide team and my life purpose. While I’d never had this experience before, I came away feeling so incredibly loved, empowered and focused! A month later, I am still uncovering little nuggets of wisdom that is aiding me in my journey each day. During the session I received a profound gift that has given me the ability to handle all the changes, emotions and stress I’ve been encountering lately and I will be forever grateful for her help in uncovering this gift. I absolutely recommend her work, in whatever capacity you need. Robyn is a gem who truly has the ability to connect you with your better self, your support team and the spirit realm.” – Beth 

Spiritual Awakening, Guides, Journeys 

McMillin_050506_00001The most frequent question I hear in my practice is: what did I come here to do? It’s life-affirming to know, but it requires you to dig deep to find out. The good news? It’s always worth it.

As a spiritual consultant I help people tap into their soul to understand where they came from, what they learned, and where they’re going next. While ultimately all of our lives (and afterlives) are about one thing—self-love—the path to it is complicated, littered with self-doubt, misunderstanding, and fear in all its nasty aspects.

Spiritual awakening is a life-long process involving deep thought, humility, humor, and a belief in the eternal nature of your soul, or what some people call their “higher self.” It doesn’t require a belief in a god or goddess or a religious institution with proscribed rules. It does require that you are ready to believe in yourself.

I can support your spiritual awakening process in several ways.

Spiritual Team / Spirit Guides

When I first heard the concept of spirit guides, I felt like I’d been turned upside down. What the heck? But many conversations later with my team, I learned who they are and what they do.

Spirit guides are our spiritual team. We all have them. They are assigned to us at birth, and may change during our life depending on our work and circumstances. They’re there to guide our spiritual development, to get advice from, to help us grow our souls, which is why we’re all here.

Some guide our creative work: we call them muses. Some guide us in our intuitive work that seems extraordinary, but is just what we signed up for before we were born: in my case, working between dimensions, translating human to non-human and back again.

Some guides are healers, and our team can bring them in to support us during medical crises.

Awesome, right? Come meet your guides. Find out what they’re up to. Learn how to keep them in line. You get it.

Soul Journey 

Your spiritual team can take you on a soul journey to understand your soul purpose in this and other lives, find out your next steps to creating a full, complete life. It’s awesome!

Soul Retrieval

The shamanic perspective is that this work retrieves a portion of your soul that has been lost because of trauma, in this lifetime or another. I look at it from the practical standpoint of how you feel and what is revealed in a session. Sometimes I can see when and how something happened and explain it. In a hypnotherapy session, your subconscious mind (your spirit, or soul, or intuition) can and will offer deeper insight. Then you fix it. I assist and monitor.

Spiritual Awakening Sessions

We can do spiritual awakening sessions strictly using my intuitive insight and my crystal, Fallon’s, healing energy. You can sit back and have it done for you, if you like. Sometimes that works quite well, although you can feel distanced from the process because you’re not actively participating it, but simply receiving the information. Then again, it can be a spiritual “spa” day for you.

I highly recommend spiritual awakening assisted by hypnotherapy. This allows your intuition to dig deep into what your soul knows to access levels of understanding far greater than any intuitive can go for you. It requires you to work hard in a session, but it is fascinating, fun, inspiring, and completely worthwhile.

And the best thing about it? None of us really appreciate how wonderful we are, how powerful we are, how completely amazing we are, until we stop and let our souls simply speak up.

You will love it! Contact me for a session!

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