Reiki and Alchemical Energy Healing

“No one’s ever held a space that large and safe for me before.” – Laura

“I had an emotional session with Robyn and Fallon. I was able to talk with a deceased friend and understand how valuable I was in his life. I asked Robyn how she could deal with such intense feelings. She said she and Fallon are there to help, and he is a healer. A crystal healer! Warmth, generosity, and humor. It was great.” — Beth in Seattle

A New Energy Healing System for Our Time: Reiki and Alchemical Energy

Are you looking for a unique energy healing experience? One that adds Reiki to universal healing energy?

If you are ready to take charge of your healing and support it with the love and connection of your spiritual team, and the universe itself, come explore Reiki and alchemical energy healing with me. A certified Reiki III practitioner, I added this additional energy modality to my practice in 2007.

You know about Reiki. It’s awesome, yes.

Alchemical energy is a new vibration, or energy, that partners with you to work exactly where you need it to help shift whatever is out of alignment with who you are, what you do, and what you want. The multi-dimensional vibration of love, choice, and connection, alchemical energy moves beyond other energy healing systems to help you heal the past, enrich the present, and create a vibrant future. It is magical, radical, fabulous.

True alchemy—the magic of transformation—it will work for you if you are ready to:

  • Connect to the world in a new way—as an equal with all life.
  • Release old, limiting patterns and help your soul progress.
  • Explore shamanic concepts—soul retrieval, curse unraveling, compassionate de-possession—in a new, powerful, uplifting manner.
  • Explore soul regression hypnotherapy—past lives, between lives, and present life issues and abilities.
  • Tap into spiritual purpose.
  • Tap your personal power to claim an authentic life.
  • Meet your transformative, intuitive self.
  • Create a healthy family with animals.
  • Claim your creative talents.
  • Grow your personal and business lives holistically.
  • Create vibrant, nurturing spaces to live and work in.

I combine Reiki and alchemical energy as alchemical crystal energy healing because I work with my crystal, Fallon, the Citrine Lemurian Quartz, and other crystals. While the list grows, they include: columbite, aquamarine, red jasper, turquoise, carnelian, Preseli bluestones, auralite, amethyst, chrysoprase, celestite, white quartz with tourmaline rods, rainbow obsidian, labradorite, Lemurian jade, kyanite, lingham stone, arfvedsonite, stibnite, and blue chalcedony (with oxenite).

What Alchemical Energy Is

Alchemical energy looks like the spiral we humans call DNA. I call it alchemical energy because it is the underlying structure of the universe. The spiral of life, the DNA of existence, if you will, it is real magic, the stuff of life itself.

Scientists will someday understand that this DNA-like spiral of alchemical energy is in everything: from tornadoes to hurricanes, the energy of an earthquake, us, our homes and businesses, all life on our planet, and the universe beyond.

I first saw this spiral of energy in spring 2007, as I was trying to understand different energy systems, including Reiki. At the time, I was offering Reiki to my eldest dog, Murphy (then 9), but she just didn’t like Reiki. Neither did my younger dog, Alki, or Grace the Cat. They had tolerated other energy systems I used, but had not welcomed them.

Leave it to my multi-species family to defy something as powerful as Reiki, but there you go. They just weren’t interested—or comfortable.

Stumped, I sat on the bed with Murphy stretched out and fidgeting. I finally asked the universe if there was a form of energy that would be appropriate for everyone in the family—me, the dogs and cat—and for the house and all the beings who lived or visited with us.

I watched as a colored light immediately spiraled towards me. It was coming from beyond the planet, lighting up what we think of as the darkness of space. As I watched the gentle spiral, I recognized its similarity to the spiral scientists draw when they describe DNA. But it was somehow “fuller,” or more complete, with multiple bands and threads and colors running through it.

I watched it spiral through the universe and into the planet. I had asked for this, so I watched it, fascinated. It was a gentle, weaving flow of life, vibrant, complex, complete that wound towards us. As it settled into Murphy she sighed in deep contentment and relaxed, stretching out.

Alchemical energy has been with us ever since. My spiritual team says it was here to help me and my family heal, and when I was ready, I would take it out into the world. As I explored it, it worked well. The dogs liked it, the cat liked it, and I liked it. It was incredibly easy: all I had to do was think about it and ask it to step up to the plate, so to speak, and there it was. All it needed was good humor, curiosity, and respect.

Because, like everything else out there, alchemical energy is an independent life force.

Alchemical Energy Is a Sentient Life Force

Everything is alive, has a soul, consciousness, responsibility, free choice, and an attitude. Everything. That is a mindset I call Planetary Connection.

Alchemical energy is sentient, an independent life force. Like all living beings, it can choose what to do and where and when to do it. That means, unlike other forms of energy that people use in healing work, alchemical energy must be treated as a partner with the ability to choose and act as it sees fit. Just like us. That was central to my decision to add energy healing to my practice.

I admit, I didn’t want to publicly practice energy healing, so for a long time I kept trying to give alchemical energy away. It was effective and easy to use, so it seemed like somebody should be using it. But I just couldn’t give it away: it kept coming back. Well … dang. Then it started to show up in client sessions, so I began asking people if they were willing to experience it. They were. That’s how I realized it was time to take it out in the world. It’s always effective, and in different ways, because each client’s situation is different.

Unlike some energy practitioners, I do not sneak energy work into a session, or allow it to just flow through and out of me. Frankly, that feels like a misuse of an independent life force, especially one that relies on choice to be effective, and, like every other being I’ve consulted, this energy is opinionated. So it fits very well with my mindset of cooperation with all life.

Yes, alchemical energy is real. It works. Because it is the underlying structure of life itself, it comes from the universe and has been around forever. Literally. With one big caveat: it is different now. It has become multi-dimensional to match the emerging earth energies, which are increasingly multi-dimensional.

When it first showed up it frequently knocked me flat, because working with it required moving between dimensions and times. That is another reason why I’ve kept quiet about it for some years: in its new form it simply wasn’t appropriate for a lot of people who were not yet ready for it. It worked well for nonhumans, and that’s how I learned to work with it—because my early work as an intuitive was with land and weather systems and beings from other dimensions.

However, once it started showing up in client sessions I knew more people were able to use it safely and effectively. I now use it routinely in all my work, because one of its central features is it helps people empower themselves. It is safe, comfortable, inspiring. To think of it as spiritual, or mystical, or anything “woo-wooey” is to short-change it, yourself, and me. It’s bigger than that—practical, no-nonsense, fast.

I’m pretty sure other people access it and use it in some form or another because it would be stupid for it not to work with other people, and this energy, or vibration, as I like to call it, is not stupid. Alchemical energy is as ancient as the universe itself, but it is adapting for our planet, and all its beings, at this time.

Yes, I trust Reiki.

I also trust alchemical energy. For myself. For my family. For my clients.

It is the reason why, as my beloved eldest dog, Murphy, was dying of cancer in early 2012, I turned to it. I knew it would not magically cure Murphy of either the splenic tumor or the old age that were slowly taking her from us—Murphy herself said her body was slowly breaking down, and nothing would stop it. But I know the alchemical energy was working, and it eased the way—with the help of the queen and king of the dragon kingdom, the goddess Con Ni, and love. Alchemical energy allowed Murphy and the cancer that was killing her make peace with each other.

It is fitting and poignant that the little dog whose journey to wellness inspired my own, who was the reason I ended up tapping my intuitive abilities, was also the reason why I have actively claimed partnership with this new form of alchemical energy. Somehow it all makes sense.

I trust alchemical energy for my work.

Yes, I use Reiki, but in combination with alchemical energy. What you’re getting, then, in a session with me is Reiki plus alchemical energy. Which makes everything better.

Alchemical energy is the vibration of change. Of choice. Of acceptance. It brings comfort. Ease.  Inspiration. Grounding. Balance. Clarity. Transformation.

It surprises me that an analytical, skeptical person like me could be out there with a crystal ball who talks with and helps people, animals, buildings, whatever, change whatever is out of alignment with who they are and what they do. It surprises me that someone who is adamantly not a healer could go out there with a new vibrational system that showed up by request one day in 2007 and fundamentally changes energy healing.

But there it is. It exists. Yes. It’s magic. Which is great, because my work is about supporting other beings, including humans, as they claim their power, their magic, to transform their world.

Never underestimate the power of love (and a sense of humor).

If you’re ready for that, come work with me. I’d love to work with you.

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