Hypnotherapy Client Information

You Are the Hero of Your Story

You’re here because you know your soul is eternal, has been around before, and will most likely come around again, here or somewhere else. (Yes, many of us have had lifetimes in other dimensions and on other planets.) You’d like to learn about what your soul has been up to and how that information can help you create a hero’s journey of your own—which includes understanding what you came here to do in this lifetime, and why.

Soul regression hypnotherapy can help.

I have been facilitating past life regressions and soul purpose sessions for some years, using shamanic techniques, intuitive insight, and unique methods I created. As successful and empowering as those sessions have been for clients, and for me, I decided to add hypnotherapy to this work. Why? Because I can see blocks and issues that affect you, because I’m an intuitive. But only you, as the soul involved, knows everything. How do you find out? With soul regression hypnotherapy.

I am now a Certified Past Life Regression Specialist, Certified Between Life Regression Specialist, and Certified Spiritual Awakening Specialist. That also means I am licensed in the state of Washington (my registration: HYPN.HP. 60679730).

I added hypnotherapy because our most powerful asset in our life is our soul. The problem is we don’t believe how powerful our soul is, how powerful we are, when we give ourselves permission to tap the vast knowledge our soul has acquired over and between lifetimes. That’s because we have to get out of our heads and into our hearts to really understand how amazing and gifted we all are.

Hypnotherapy helps you with that. Don’t be concerned: with this form of hypnotherapy you are always in control, always aware of what is going on, always able to say no or to move deeper into the journey I facilitate for you. You are in charge: I am simply the guide, the person who asks the questions that allow you to dig deep, the hypnotherapist, spiritual counselor, and professional intuitive who can help you go deeper than you’ve ever gone before. And get results.

Granted, it’s hard work. Fun, yes. Inspiring, yes. Surprising and even shocking, yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

Are You a Soul Regression Hypnotherapy Client?

My clients are emotionally healthy, curious people ready to dig deep to discover their soul purpose, to resolve issues, to become their best selves as they add their unique contribution to the planet. They are writers, artists, health care professionals, business professionals, homemakers, real everyday people.

If that’s you, I can help you, but you need to be willing to do the work. That includes sessions in person or by Skype, and processing afterwards, with email support and special MP3 recordings just for you.

Soul regression hypnotherapy and spiritual awakening work can help you:

  • resolve fears and phobias from this or earlier lives
  • tap wisdom from previous lives, including recovering knowledge or skills
  • understand relationships
  • inspire creativity (resolve artistic blocks, including writer’s block)
  • understand yourself
  • discover your life’s purpose

The list goes on.

Session Information

A great deal can be resolved, or understood, in one session. Then, too, sometimes it takes a session to get comfortable with the process and allow yourself to explore your soul and its experiences and lessons. That’s why I offer a three-session discounted package I call Soul Transformation.

Billing Information: Fees are $280/session. Typical sessions are  2 hours, plus additional prep and follow-up time, which comes to 3 hours. Payment plus a $5 transaction fee is due at the time of booking by credit card or PayPal at email above. All other financial arrangements must be agreed to at the time the appointment is set up.

3-Session Package. Soul Transformation Package: 3 sessions, 2-hours each, plus additional prep and follow-up, which comes to 3 additional hours, 1 per session: $650 (23 percent savings of $190), plus $9 credit card transaction fee. Billing starts at the time of the appointment regardless of tardiness of the client. Missed appointments will be billed at $180/hour unless a minimum of 24-hour notice was given. Package and prepaid fees are not refundable. Please see my website for additional information on fees and discounts.

Complimentary 15-Minute Discovery Call

Curious about how you can benefit from this work? I’d be delighted to offer you a complimentary 15-minute discovery call. We will explore if we’re a good fit as we discuss what you’d like to learn in a session and how we’d do that, together. Then, if you’re ready to proceed, I’ll forward all the paperwork so you can prepare for your hero’s journey.

Ready? Contact me today.

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