Spiritual Consulting

Spiritual consulting is about soul growth, plain and simple. It can include looking at what your soul experienced in past lives and between lives, to not only reduce (if not eliminate) fears and phobias, but to explore talents and abilities you used before, and can access again. My spiritual consulting services can help you in specific areas of your life.

I can support your spiritual growth through soul regression hypnotherapy. Using hypnotherapy techniques, I can help you tap into what your soul needs to tell you, guided by my intuitive insight. You’ll find this fascinating: past life and between life regression through hypnotherapy allows you to tap more deeply into what your soul knows than any other discipline out there. My ability to hold space and my skill in guiding your journey allows you to dig deep to resolve conflicts and tap your creativity. Plus I can add to your experience using shamanic techniques and through intuitive insight.

With soul progression clearing, I also use shamanic techniques formally called curse unraveling, soul retrieval, soul journey, and compassionate de-possession. Big, sometimes scary terms for tapping what your soul knows through techniques that also offer a form of past life and between life regression. It’s wonderful and effective, and a bit different than hypnotherapy.

Spiritual awakening can look even deeper into soul growth, because each lifetime is about learning and growing from our experiences, no matter what. What did you come here to do? Who are the members of your spiritual team, and what are their jobs? What do they have to say about your issues, concerns, desires? We can LAO look at previous lifetimes and at what your soul was thinking right before you came into this lifetime.

Reiki and alchemical energy healing supports mind, body, and spirit. I can teach you simple techniques or conduct a healing session that supports you. I am a Reiki Level III practitioner and offer alchemical energy healing, the ancient DNA of the universe.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you be the best you can be. Because the world needs you. Now.

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