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My Video Galleries

Videos and more videos! Some were recorded as professional videos for my website. Some were recorded from Skype interviews.

The videos with views listed are from Facebook Live videos recorded from the OMTimes Magazine and OMTimes Institute pages on Facebook, where I am an OMTimes Expert and Radio Host. They are distributed across Facebook (a reach of thousands) as part of my weekly offering, Coffee & Cosmos with Robyn, which you can find at my Facebook business page, The Practical Intuitive, and the OMTimes pages.

These are interactive webinars with a live audience and the recordings remain up for later viewing. I live this live audience interaction, where we talk about a topic of the day, do meditations, a crystal of the week, energy healing, and live on-the-spot intuitive readings.

All these videos and webinars are also up on my YouTube channel broken up into playlists (with 77 videos and counting in these galleries).

As you scroll through the titles on the right of each panel you will find a large variety of videos that will inspire you to tap your own intuitive and healing abilities and to explore the mysteries of our beautiful planet!

As always, I welcome comments and requests for subjects to cover in upcoming videos.


The Practical Intuitive: Intuition, Healing, Daily Life

Intuition and Healing are practical daily skills. Meet the Practical Intuitive!

Included: a webinar introduction to my work and a webinar on Soul Progression Clearing.


Dying, the Afterlife, Reincarnation

Videos on what happens when we die, our afterlives, reincarnation, and the paranormal


Life Hacks

Videos on how to create our best lives using our intuitive and healing talents



Videos that offer tips for intuitive development and mastery



Videos on spiritual mastery, growth, development … and mystery



Spiritual and Energy Healing

Videos on spiritual healing and energy healing for personal growth and well-being


Intuitive and Healing Moments

Short videos on intuition and healing tips recorded from my Facebook business page: The Practical Intuitive – Robyn M Fritz


My Series with C.J. Liu

CJ Liu is a Seattle radio and You Tube host and a wonderful intuitive career and business coach. She filmed four interviews with me and my crystal, Fallon,  to discuss our work at Alchemy West in 2013.

In the first video I discuss the real, practical reasons why I work with a crystal ball: that Fallon, the Citrine Lemurian Quartz, is not a tool, he is my business partner.

In the second video I communicated with a nonphysical space—the radio waves of a specific station at a specific time of day. There’s nothing like an on-the-spot conversation!

In the third video I did a space clearing (Space Cooperating) in CJ’s bedroom. As the house explains, CJ and her husband had never been sick at the same time, and the house was very upset because it felt it had failed in its job to care for them. Did you know our homes are extremely sensitive, emotional beings? You do now.

In the fourth video I talk about my work, in particular space cooperating, my unique modality of space clearing that meshes the needs and wants of people and their spaces. It’s a fascinating world out there, more so when we realize that everything is alive, thinking, and (sometimes) interested in talking with us!

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