Space Clearing

“My house was haunted. I could hear someone walking around the house at night, things dropping and paper crumping, and I was even touched on my arm. I had Robyn and Fallon clear my home remotely, as I live in a different state. Robyn and Fallon quietly and compassionately talked with the ghost and then cleared my home. The house immediately felt lighter and happier. And so was I! The disruptions ended. I credit them with precise, compassionate thinking and professional work that cleared everything! And I’ll let them tell the whole story. But here’s what I like about Robyn. She listens, she thinks about the situation, she talks with the beings involved, especially concerned people! And she approaches it from both an intuitive and practical mindset while she paves new ground in intuitive work.” — Jody in California

“Robyn worked with my home and completely changed the vibe. When I purchased this home as a foreclosure I noticed some definite negative energy. My partner and many of my friends got a spooky feeling when they were around the stairs or in the upstairs hallway. This led to an overall uneasiness for guests when they would come over. Now I’m trying to sell the home but that negative energy seems to be keeping people away. Robyn came over and walked through the home room by room and cleared all of the negative energy. There was a very noticeable change in the home when I came back next and my friends and real estate agent completely felt it, too: they were blown away. If I had known about this when I first purchased my home Robyn would have been hired on the first day. The home is more pleasant to be in and I’ve gotten three offers on the home within two months of hiring her, and we’re in a difficult market. I also feel much better now that I know I’ll be providing a warm and inviting place to live for the next owner.” — George in Seattle

Beyond Feng Shui—Space Clearing for Your Home and Business

I refer to my space clearing work, which includes house and business blessings, as “Beyond Feng Shui” because it’s much more than proscribed rules about colors, placement, and organization. Its goal is what I believe the ancients had in mind with Feng Shui: to create a partnership between people and the spaces they live and work in, whether they are homes, businesses, or land/water areas.

That’s why I call my space clearing work Space Cooperating™, because it neither makes assumptions about nor manipulates spaces, but helps both humans and their spaces cooperate. During the process I directly consult with the space to be cleared to determine its needs and wants as I explain what the humans need and want. This helps both sides create and maintain vibrant relationships or, if necessary, separate more easily (as in a move or buy/sell situation). Honestly, it’s love in action—and it works.

Why Space Clearing?

You want and need an edge in your personal and business life. That means being happy and comfortable at home and at work, which first requires healthy, vibrant spaces to live and work in.

Yes, your first priority is the space around you, whether it’s a cubicle at work, a modest apartment or mansion, or a piece of land or water. You and your family or coworkers can be positive and upbeat and energetically clear, but a bogged-down space will eventually stifle everyone.

Here’s how to tell if your spaces are “stuck” and need an energetic boost and so could benefit from my services:

  • Do you want to be anywhere else but in your space? Does it feel heavy, dense, or empty?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable, tired, and cranky at home? Are you overwhelmed by clutter or a heavy feeling? (Clutter is a mental concept, not how much stuff is surrounding you.)
  • Does your home feel disturbed or traumatized? It could be ghosts, or the “paranormal,” as some would call it, but it could also be leftover energy from previous occupants and simply stale stuck energy from a busy life.
  • Do people walk in your business and turn around and leave? Are employees good team members, or are there differences that create stress and dysfunction?
  • Do you work in health care, from psychological to medical or wellness support?
  • Are you changing your space?

But space clearing isn’t just about stuck spaces. Consider space clearing as part of your regular routine, from house cleaning to a spiritual or metaphysical regimen. For example, a house or business blessing acknowledges change:

  • Are you celebrating something—birthday, graduation, wedding, a new pet?
  • Are you acknowledging something—death, divorce, illness?
  • Are you changing something—remodeling, buying/selling?

Here’s what you can do with Space Cooperating™, my modality of space clearing:

  • Establish or alter a relationship with a space.
  • Soothe charged spaces like medical and care facilities.
  • Create an inviting retail, professional, or creative space.
  • Facilitate real estate buy/sell transactions.
  • Support construction and design, including remodels.
  • Clear electromagnetic frequencies.
  • Resolve disturbed situations, like ghosts (paranormal activity) and trauma (leftover energy from illnesses, disagreements, and deaths).
  • Acknowledge and support transition, including life changes like illnesses or divorce to celebrations like births, adoptions, graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Whenever humans undergo change, spaces undergo change. Acknowledging and working with them helps make change positive and healthy, including:

  • Homes that have been on the market for a long time sell.
  • Business improves, including team work, creative direction, and sales.
  • Traumas are cleared, including ghosts (or paranormal activity).
  • People and spaces are invigorated, promoting comfort, creativity, and change that nurtures both.

What Space Clearing Is

Just like you physically clean your home or office by dusting and vacuuming and clutter clearing, space clearing clears the energetic vibration of the space, the unseen element that can either support you or cause an energy drain. No matter how clean and organized your spaces are, energy gets stuck in them.

That’s because everything is has a distinct vibration, or energy (or has an energetic, or vibrational, signature). And everything is alive and has emotions—humans, animals, and plants, yes, but also our spaces, furniture, clothes, jewelry, land, water, everything.

Events and emotions cause change, which affects, or alters, our energy, or vibration. So as we go about our busy days, we leave bits and pieces of our altered energy behind us—yes, our ups and downs, our emotional “stuff.” The pieces we leave behind mingle with those pieces left behind by others, including the space’s “stuff,” and get stuck on others, on us, and on the spaces.

This may sound weirdly metaphysical to you, but think about it. Every day we notice the vibrational or energetic signature of people and spaces. It is what we instinctively react to when we gravitate to or away from them.

Ever go into a busy, cluttered store and feel great? That’s because the space has a clean, healthy vibration. If you feel comfortable and refreshed at home, or upbeat and invigorated at work, that space is healthy and balanced. Regular clearing will help these places stay that way, and help you and everyone else who lives and works in that space stay vibrant and healthy as well.

Ever walk into a place and immediately feel like you just have to leave? Feeling irritable, restless, stagnant, or uneasy in a space—especially a haunted space (yes, ghosts and residual trauma are real)—means it needs to be vibrationally cleared—made healthy and balanced again. An initial deep space clearing and regular maintenance clearings will make that happen.

Space clearing is a win-win for you, your family, animals, clients, employees, and spaces.

I can help you with space clearing. I can teach you how to clear your spaces as I clear them for and with you. Sometimes all it takes is an initial clearing, and you can do follow-up clearings on your own, although regularly scheduling clearings with me allows you to focus on other things and me to objectively evaluate what might need attention, and take care of it.

Interested in how a space clearing can work for you and your spaces? Please contact me for a complimentary 15-minute evaluation of your situation.

But first, please review my take on space clearing below, because my pioneering space clearing modality is unique. I believe it is the only one that really works.

Cleared Space or Cowed Space? Space Clearing for Today

Many wonderful, capable, intuitive people offer space clearing. I do not.

Why does this matter to you?

Because to get an edge in our fast-paced, high-stress world we need solid ground beneath us: the comfort and support of vibrant, vital spaces to live and work in. You only get that with Space Cooperating,™ space clearing that meshes the needs, wants, and interests of both humans and the space itself. That’s right. It involves a real conversation with you and your space to find out what it needs and wants so we can negotiate changes that support both sides, creating a thriving, lasting partnership.

The difference between Space CooperatingSM and “space clearing” is mindset. And mindset is key to my work, to thriving, successful lives, and to a healthy planet.

You see, we humans are used to taking charge, to assuming that life is all about us. This is the mindset known as Planetary Healing. The problem with clearing space in this mindset is that we force change by manipulating it—we force energy healing to do what we want it to do. Yes, we can do that, but why and when are problematic, and sometimes it doesn’t work well.

Why? Because it doesn’t consider a space’s needs and wants, so we end up with “cleared” spaces that are dense and heavy—because the space’s vibrancy has been blanketed, essentially cowed into submission. It’s empty. Many people like these spaces because an empty, blank space is a gigantic time out for them, like a sensory deprivation tank. But these spaces aren’t vibrant. Eventually both the people and their spaces will falter.

Let me be clear: space clearing professionals don’t mean to harm a space or hinder its development. They do wonderful work because they do care and they are acting to make a difference, and that matters. We’re all better off because they’re there.

It’s just not the work that I do. If you want cowed space, hire someone else.

All of my work, including space clearing, is about a different mindset I call Planetary Connection, which is based on my work and observation. This is an inclusive mindset which describes the world as it really exists—everything is alive, has a soul, consciousness, responsibility, free will, and choice—and we are all equals. Living in this mindset results in powerful connections that help all of us get along and be great together. Cooperatively.

Space Cooperating is central to this mindset. It gives the space itself a say in what happens to it, because we all need to be heard. It operates from love—from the respect and consideration that comes from treating all life as equals.

Come to me if you want to create a healthy, prosperous environment with Space Cooperating. This method works, but it’s different.

I start a session by opening a dialogue with the space and people involved to determine how they can co-exist, if possible. Sometimes a sale or move is necessary, and my job is to ease the transition and help all parties separate, grieve, balance, heal, and seek new relationships. Each session is different, presenting its own challenges and opportunities.

You’ll find out what the space itself needs and wants, and create something different and better. The results can be astounding, like :

  • A new home was afraid of letting go of its owners, and another one refused to let go. Emotional clearing sessions helped both parties make peace with a necessary sale, and the properties quickly sold.
  • Clients trying to decide between several properties learned the personalities, quirks, and underlying pros and cons of each property, which helped decision-making.
  • A tiny houseboat fell in love with its new owner, and offered its floors, ceiling, and walls as a canvas for her art.
  • A “ghost” realized it no longer had a tie to the house it was in, and disturbing incidents ceased.
  • A new owner established a great start with a new home, even though she was single and didn’t want children, and the house desperately wanted kids around. Once she moved in, the owner found herself babysitting for the neighbors, which thrilled her, the house, and the neighbors.

How a Space Clearing Session Works

Here’s what you get with a space clearing session with me. Check out the before and after pictures of a condo clearing to prepare for a sale in a difficult market.

Here’s the condo before it was cleared:

pre-clearing eating area

a condo before it was cleared

Here’s the same space after it was cleared! Note the orb!

orb in cleared home

cleared space








So what does it take?

Space Cooperating session takes two-three hours over three days. Here’s what happens after you and I have discussed the situation you have with your home, business, or land and have arranged an appointment.

First, you write specific questions for your space. What are your needs and concerns? What would you like it to know? Focus, as this is often the first time spaces are actually consulted about anything, and without specifics they can easily get sidetracked with chatting! You email those questions to me on the agreed date.

Day 1

  • I intuitively talk with the space involved. Usually the spaces are so surprised to be asked their opinion that they take a bit to respond. We discuss your list and I begin to get feedback from your space.
  • I prepare my space clearing items for the session: they include crystals, incense, bells, Fallon Lavender Salt (my unique clearing mixture), and a sense of humor.

Day 2

  • We conduct the space clearing session (onsite or remotely). This takes about two hours. Sometimes this is room by room, sometimes it is simply a discussion. Be prepared for some surprises!
  • During the clearing we discuss with you the space’s issues, concerns, and needs. Both sides discuss solutions and work to an agreement.
  • We proceed to clear the space using Reiki and alchemical energy and discuss and resolve other issues as they appear.
  • Afterwards, we close the clearing and thank all participants.

Day 3

  • I stay connected with the space open for 24 hours, to get any feedback from it or you. I follow-up with a brief written or verbal report to you.

Continuing Care

I recommend maintenance clearings, either monthly or quarterly, for busy households or businesses, especially businesses. I would be happy to discuss this with you.

Ordering a Session: Contact and Fees

I believe this form of space clearing— Space Cooperating—is what our ancestors did when they first developed systems that we know today by such terms as feng shui, shamanism, and space clearing. The key for you is the mindset you choose to live and work in.

I would love to talk with you about how my work can help you. Contact me for a complimentary 15-minute strategy session to see how I can tailor a package for you.

Please contact me for large homes or businesses and a maintenance package rate.

Fees depend on the size of the space. Larger spaces or complex situations may require more time, and will be billed at an hourly rate. Maintenance packages are separate. A travel fee of $25 in the Seattle area applies if I will be onsite.

While I charge $400 or more for traumatized or large spaces, each situation is different. Please contact me if you need our services. A quick conversation can help us determine a fee that works for both of us.

So, ready for a Space CooperatingSM session with your business, home, and land area? Contact me. 

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