Personal Intuition: Coaching, Consults

Intuitive Coaching and Consultations

“My session was very insightful. I loved how Robyn created such a safe space for this journey which allowed me to access insights that previously eluded me about a situation in my life. These insights are helping me to focus in a new way, so I can now move forward with greater ease and open up to new possibilities.” – Ferris Jay

“On Monday of this week I had the pleasure of joining one of Robyn’s live Facebook book feeds for the first time. I must say that while I listened to her I could feel my chakras clearing and my vibration increasing. I was fortunate enough to be selected for a reading. I’m still in awe of how right she was. She honed in on a subject I hadn’t shared with anyone. Since the reading I have felt so calm and can’t wipe the smile off my face. Everyone has noticed a difference in me. If you have the chance to get a reading from Robyn you will truly be blessed. Namaste.” – Cheryl Corley-Simpson

Intuitive Coaching

We are all intuitives and healers. My job is to help you learn to tap your innate skills so you can be your best at home and at work. It’s how you not just claim your power, but use it.

Intuition is as practical and useful as all our other senses. Really, in many ways, it’s more important, because it’s always at work, always giving you information that can help you. The trick is asking the right question.

Intuitive coaching is all about you. It’s your support to achieve your goals, break free of whatever is holding you back, and move forward with grace, serenity, determination—and your own kick-ass moxie!

Throughout the process we work together to explore the in’s and out’s of your situation and develop action plans that solve your issues and move you forward. We can look at personal direction, relationships, purpose, insight, whatever you need. We tap my intuitive insight, and I teach you how to tap yours. We work hard together. I give you homework, and you check in with me in two weeks to report on progress.

Sessions are one hour, at current fees. If, at the end of that hour, you determine that more sessions are needed, I will offer you the rest of my Intuitive Consulting Package, which means all your sessions will be discounted, including the first. A deal!

Sure, I can sell you the package up front, if you’d like. But too many people sell big packages and drag it out, and I don’t think that honors you for the brilliant person you are. So let’s try one session, and go from there. Because you’re worth it.

Now, if you’re interested in becoming a professional intuitive (a medium, animal communicator, personal or business intuitive, space clearing expert), then please consider the Intuitive Coaching Package.

Whatever your situation, if you’re looking at an Intuitive Coaching Package, let’s chat first for 15 minutes. It will be a great way for both of us to see if we’re a good fit, and for you to fine-tune your goals.

Intuitive Consultations

Intuitive consultations are all about you and what’s going on around you. But I do most of the talking, because you’re buying my intuitive insight into whatever it is you’d like to look at. Home? Relationships? Job prospects?

Whatever it is, my intuitive insight can give you additional input into your decision-making. I don’t make decisions for you, because you’re not into that (and neither am I). But I can be the objective professional intuitive who can give you information that can help you move forward in your life. Because sometimes we could all use a boost.

Sessions are sold in one-hour increments at current fees, but can be used up over a month in 15-minute segments!

Clients love this! Sometimes there is so much information that the shorter times help you digest and implement the ideas that pop up for and about you. Or you have multiple things to look at, and need to break it up into manageable bites. It’s all good. I’m here to help.

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