“I have to admit, I thought it was strange. Her dad runs a place where the dead go? But after talking with Robyn, and experiencing Fallon’s energy, I was stunned to find out it’s real, more real than any other spiritual idea I looked at.” – Amber in Seattle

“I just couldn’t forgive myself for, well, just not being the perfect daughter. Maybe we all feel like that, but I couldn’t get past it. So I visited Robyn, and her dad got my dad, who died a year ago, and we talked. Turns out he didn’t think he was that great a dad to me, and we both realized that it was okay, we could move on. I wish we’d said this when he was alive, but I feel better now.” –Em in Seattle

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What a Psychic Mediumship Session Does for You

As a psychic medium, my work helps you connect with deceased family, friends, and animals. Consider a mediumship session to help you and your deceased:

  • Obtain closure, especially if the death was sudden or unexpected
  • Get comfort and say goodbye
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Gain understanding
  • Get advice
  • Relieve grief through connection, spiritual support, and energy healing

Unlike other mediums, my work is about empowering people to claim the power of love in their lives to support soul growth. That means in addition to helping you connect with your dead, I also offer:

  • Grief support
  • Intuitive understanding (I briefly help you learn how your intuition works so you can create your own ritual to connect your dead on your own)
  • Alchemical crystal energy healing, which helps energy flow smoothly and promotes well-being
  • Soul progression clearing, which can remove blockages that keep grief from clearing
  • Past life regression, which includes soul regression hypnotherapy and shamanic techniques to help you understand soul relationships with lost loved ones, because many of us have previous lifetimes with them
  • Support through the dying process for you and your loved ones, whether they are human or animal

My condolences, whether your loss is recent or decades long. I understand, I’ve been there—I know what loss is and honor it. I can help you connect with your dead immediately, which could help both sides move on. However, I suggest you wait at least a few weeks after a loss to book a session, because you need time to let the raw grief dissipate, and the dead need time to rest.

Mediumship is your opportunity to get closure: to try to resolve difficulties with the deceased, be comforted, and say goodbye.

How I Work as a Psychic Medium

DadMy work as a medium is unique: I work with my dad, Ray, who died on June 30, 1994 and now runs what I call a Way Station for Dead Things on the Other Side. As he says, there are a lot of dead people and animals and a lot of living people looking for them. In fact, one of the first things he noticed after he died was that he could see energy lines between the living and the dead. He makes my work easier by tracing the energy lines between the living and the dead, finding and bringing the dead back to his way station, and then helping me facilitate a conversation between both sides.

Cool, huh? And, honestly, the best reason to be a medium: I can work with my dad, and his ability to easily find the dead gives me more time to help my clients have deeply meaningful conversations with them.

Why Choose Me as Your Psychic Medium?

cropped friendlyI know what losing a loved one feels like. I experienced my first family death (and talked to my first dead person) when I was nine. I’ve lost my parents, friends, animals, and my soul mate four times. It hurts. We are never ready to lose the ones we love, no matter what.

Sometimes talking with the dead can help both sides say goodbye. These can be tough conversations, because both sides need to say things they couldn’t say before, to clear up confusion and anger and hurt. Sometimes the dead are just as cantankerous as they were when they were alive, and we can finally let guilt and anger go.

Talking with the dead is always about closure for both the living and the dead (even when you’re asking for their advice). I help both sides say whatever they need to say. With no judgment.

One last thing: people say the dead are always with you, but that’s not true, and it shouldn’t be. If you hold onto them too hard they won’t move on to their next opportunity as easily, or they’ll be reluctant to talk with you. Remember, they are dead. They are resting up, they are off reviewing their lives with their guides, they are exploring being out of their bodies and in different dimensions. Let them do that. Let them move on. You move on. It’s life.

You’ll be okay, and so will they. Love makes all things possible, including saying goodbye to someone you can’t imagine living without, but have to.

I know.

What Kind of Psychic Medium Should You Work With?

So, now about mediumship as a business.

Those of us who work as mediums (or intuitives in general) are often criticized by those who question our work, from whether it can be proven as “scientific” to our style. Well, science can’t explain everything, starting with gravity and aspirin, so stop trying to ask the wrong people to help you trust in something like mediumship. I love science (electricity and cars, yay!), but the best scientists are the inquisitive explorers who start with “I don’t know” and then try to figure it out. Or steer clear because they obviously can’t (as in quantum physics, give it up already, people!).

Sometimes, too, mediums make their own problems. For example, certain schools or individuals insist that their brand of mediumship is the only one that is “correct” or “authentic.” (Many are genuinely honest people, others think that “proving” who they’re talking with somehow answers the skeptics, and still others market their particular skill set as the only possible one: after all, why encourage competition?)

That’s how people started claiming the only legitimate mediumship is “classical mediumship” as defined by British and American mediums. Its focus is strictly evidential mediumship, or proving that the medium has connected with the client’s dead by getting specific facts from them, like sex, name, age, physical description, occupation, important dates in their lives, how they died, and even nicknames, hobbies, or favorite songs. (It’s considered “classical” because the “classical mediumship” trainers got there before I did—or anyone else.)

My issue with “classical mediumship” is its failure to challenge itself to think beyond its self-imposed rules and to grow to match others’ experiences (even mine), which would help us learn real things about death and what comes next. Curiosity and experimentation with open hearts and minds lead to real discoveries and connections, which aren’t made in carefully shuttered dogmatic programs.

Yes, there are good intuitive schools, and we should never stop learning, but sometimes the schools and teachers do. Many equate their teachings with spiritual or religious traditions, but intuition is inherent in our genetic makeup, not a “divine” gift. Many also restrict themselves to human rules, especially those they created, and so fail to grow. That includes learning from other intuitive disciplines. I first studied with animal communicators; unlike “classical” mediums, who sit and wait for the dead to “magically” appear, animal communicators don’t wait for an animal to show up, but instead ask for a specific one. They get the animal they want, and not a cranky Shar-Pei in China.

I think mediums should facilitate real conversations with the dead instead of limiting connection to the “validation” or “evidence” ballyhooed in “classical mediumship?” Proving to you that the “dead” they are speaking with are really yours by giving you name, rank, serial number, favorite song, nicknames, and so on is boring to me.

And, I assure you, it also bores the dead. Why? Because your dead often have real things to say that don’t get said because you’re wading through the particulars. Being dead changes everything. To find out what they’re really up to or thinking, be open to the mystery.

Then, too, there is an additional hazard, what I call the “random dead” technique, which means the medium stands up before a group saying something like, “I am seeing an M, a man, a father or uncle.” I never allow this: it can interfere with a real connection, and everybody’s time, including the dead’s, is more valuable than guessing games.

Worse, this technique opens up the unsuspecting medium (and clients or audience) to what I call the “random dead.” The random dead (those not connected to any of the living present) show up because they know people are curious, they want to talk, or they like messing with them. They often know they’re dead and don’t want to move on. They may be malicious, capricious, curious, lonely, bored, or easily amused, but they are all nuisances, and generally unpleasant. Some of them aren’t dead and aren’t human, but interfering entities who could be dangerous. I’ve dealt with them in space clearings and house blessings (paranormal investigations, anyone?), and I know better than to invite or allow them to show up.

So, when you come see me for a mediumship session, I will ask you to tell me who you want to talk with and why (as in, “I want to ask my mom, Lois, how she’s doing”). That way you don’t miss out on what you want to know. It’s only “cheating” because the “classical mediums” (and “professional skeptics”) created arbitrary rules that say so (people are so afraid of being cheated that they inadvertently block themselves from having a genuine experience).

If you’re seeing a medium, you already believe the dead are still around, so skip the “evidential” proof bit and make it interesting for yourself—and them. Remember, they’re busy having fun, not waiting around to be bored. I know “classically trained” mediums who were horrified by my methodology. Ironically, once they tried simply asking for a client’s dead to show up, they discovered it was a whole lot easier. Ah, progress.

Contact me for a session only if you really believe that:

  • It’s possible to contact your dead (yes, consciousness survives death because it’s connected to souls, which are eternal).
  • You want to have a real conversation with them, and not just make them jump through the hoop of your skepticism by playing guessing games.

Connecting with Your Dead: You Can Do It, I Can Help

Okay. I don’t call myself an “evidential” medium, because although things come through in sessions that help clients know their dead are there with us in that time, relying solely on “facts” can take up time better spent on helping you and your dead get what you need.

Can you do this by yourself? Yes. We can all talk with the deceased, whether family, friends, or animals. It may not be as detailed as you could get with a trained intuitive, but if you ask for it, you may notice signs and symbols from your deceased: favorite music plays as you think about them, you think of favorite colors or foods, sometimes it’s even a real phone call. Is it just a coincidence? Sometimes.

Professional intuitives or psychic mediums who talk with the dead have learned to tap into the vibrational or energetic signal from the dead to facilitate a conversation between you and your deceased. It can be in pictures, words, feelings, knowing (even a familiar smell or sound); most often it’s a combination of these things. I can help you learn how your intuition works, so you can use it to enhance your life—and to connect with your dead on your own.

What Happens When You’re Dead

My dad says that when he died he didn’t want to move on, but he was curious about where everyone else was going, so he followed them. He then noticed that he could look at living people and see them reaching up for the dead, and the dead reaching back. That’s when he started to think about running a way station, long before we figured out how to talk with each other after he died. His way station is a comfy cabin in a high mountain meadow surrounded by tall firs.

I learned what happens when you’re dead by working with them.

  • Sometimes I am with them intuitively as they die, if I’m brought in by a family.
  • Sometimes I see them when they are not exactly sure what’s going on. These dead are in the Gray Zone, the place where we all go immediately after we die to “decompress” while the denser earth energies slough off. (Please don’t call it “limbo” or anything else religious, because religion doesn’t seem to have a clue about the dead.) These dead move on to their proper afterlives when they’re ready, usually to a way station like my dad’s.
  • Sometimes the dead get “stuck” and don’t leave the Gray Zone. They’re not willing to move on because they’re afraid of what religion told them to expect, they think they did something wrong when they were alive (maybe they did, but they deal with that after they safely move on), or the actual experience of being dead is so not what they were told that they freak out and get stuck. Sometimes they’re stuck because they don’t know they’re dead. I can help all of these stuck dead move on, if they’re willing to listen.
  • Usually when I ask my dad to bring a dead person or animal to speak with me and my clients, he goes somewhere (I don’t know where) and brings them back and participates in the conversation. When my dad can’t find the dead, it means they are still in the Gray Zone. I will then go find them, talk to them, and help them move on. Sometimes they have messages for their family at this point.
  • Please do not contact me or any other medium if you are worried that a deceased loved one might be stuck. Instead, simply tell your dead that you love them, forgive them for whatever you need to forgive them for, or what you suspect they feel they need to be forgiven for, and tell them to go already. They can hear you. It will help. I guarantee it. If you want a session after that, contact me.

How to Prepare for a Mediumship Session

Come prepared to be specific.

  • Spend a few minutes quietly relaxing your mind.
  • Organize your thoughts and questions: focus on the most important thing you want to talk about with your deceased family member, friend, or animal. Remember that they are off on a new life, even if they have not reincarnated. Sure, they sometimes check in with you, but you are living your life, and they are, too, just in a different place. Don’t expect them to read your mind.
  • Write a brief list of questions. Be specific. Use our time together wisely.
  • If you are with me in person, you will have the opportunity to experience my crystal, Fallon, hands-on. Please come prepared to remove all rings: we don’t want him to get scratched.
  • Afterwards, take the rest of the day for yourself. Drink lots of water and spend some time relaxing. End the day decompressing with a salt bath or shower or dry salt bathing.

Contact Me …

If you’d like an honest, loving, real conversation with the dead—no guessing games, just honest conversation—then contact me for a session.

If you’d like to spiritually explore your grief, and begin to heal it, and connect with your dead, then contact me for a session.

If you’d like to learn how to be a medium our way, please contact me and we’ll evaluate your situation together.

Because you matter. The dead matter. And I can help.

Questions? I’m here.

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