Intuitive Soul Connections

Intuition and Souls

“As a trained intuitive, I took Robyn’s intuitive communication class to see what I could learn in terms of communicating with animals and other non-human consciousness. Robyn has a down-to-earth approach, and she teaches with fascinating stories and interactive exercises. I was surprised to not only learn about intuition, but how to listen with humility. Through Robyn’s stories of her communications with mountains and weather systems, I gained a sense of where we as humans fit in on this planet. I learned to see, hear, and feel past the surface of things I never gave a second thought to. The class opened my eyes to a different way of relating to the world, and for that I highly recommend it.”—Diane in Seattle

Intuition, Souls … and Your Intuitive Growth

We’re so busy exploring our personal and business lives that we sometimes forget to think about the world. Yes, the world. That’s a mistake. We’re part of a conscious, evolving planet. If you believe that, you’re helping yourself and the world progress in peace, harmony, and prosperity. If you don’t, then you’re missing out on personal and professional growth opportunities, and the world is missing out on you.

Intuition is practical. It’s our birthright. We are all intuitives and healers. And we’re not alone.

Everything out there is alive, has a soul, consciousness, rights, responsibilities, free will, and opinions. The ancients sort of knew this, but very few of us today do. I do. That’s why I’m putting myself out there as someone who works with beings who are not human but are sentient.

As in, everything. Weather and land systems. Yes, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes. Homes. Businesses. The land we grow crops on. The water that surrounds us. The wild spaces.

Most of the work I do in this realm is not paid. It’s a good thing, because most of the people who would (and do) pay for this work want people like me to change things. To make the sky rain, when the rain has its own business. To change the course of a hurricane, when they have no idea how complex and guided hurricanes are (and not by us).

Scientists, if you want to get onboard, solve world problems, and really understand your work, let me know. An example? I talked with Hurricane Ophelia in 2005 who told me more in ten minutes about the work of hurricanes in the world than science has learned in thirty years. As was demonstrated a few months later in a scientific magazine. Quit wasting time. Partner with me to chat with the beings you’re trying to learn about. The planet needs you to speed it up.

But some of this work I do get paid for. And it might interest you. Check it out.

The Soul of a Business

I’ve been working with businesses, from their personalities to their souls, for over a decade. They are fascinating. Like my own business, they can tell you their name and what they’re good at. They can tell you how to work better with them, which puts money in your pocket.

Even better, the soul of your business can help you be the best you can be while you help it. You better pinpoint your own goals and needs, and you become better and smarter at accomplishing the things you need to do to be your best, to be in business, to give back to the world.

Ready to explore the soul of your business? Sessions are one hour at current fees.

The Souls of Nature, and Our Homes

Yes, I can help you talk with a weather or land system.

I can also help you with business deals: real estate buy/sell. Remodels. Land purchases.

As in: what is the land thinking? How does that affect your plans for it? What do you need to know that the land can explain to you?

This is what feng shui was before it got broken down into small-scale rigid guidelines that don’t go far enough to support world peace. Because the world is bigger than we realize. And it’s waiting for us to get with the program. So to speak.

An example? Some years ago a family was looking to buy waterfront property in Washington state for a vacation home. They had their heart set on a substantial property, but I felt something was off. I went to the property to investigate, and discovered that the beings who inhabit that land (devas, fairies, elves, whatever) intended for it to be wild space, and it was not suitable for anyone to live there, let alone a family. Consider me either the bearer of bad tidings, or someone who kept a family from making a mistake. Yes, the real estate agent was not pleased with me. The family was.

Ready for a consultation? Sessions are one hour at current fees.

Now, About Quantum Physics

The best scientists, the ones who make a difference, understand that the most important thing to know is that they don’t know the answer, and are willing to do what it takes to find one.

That’s why quantum physics puzzled me, until I realized that mathematics and human ego are lined up to take us only so far, which isn’t far enough.

If you start from the mindset that humans are guardians and caretakers, than quantum physics makes sense. It says that everything we observe is created by our observation (as even metaphysical types misunderstand).

The truth is, the world we really live in is a mindset I call Planetary Connection. It’s like I said above: everything is alive, has a soul, consciousness, responsibility, free will, and opinions. Everything, from our homes and desks to our cars and businesses. That means if we want something, we negotiate, we don’t demand. Or force.

So when quantum physics says the atom moved because we looked at it, they were thinking about humans.

The truth is, the atom moved because it had finally got our attention. It was saying something like, “At last I got their attention. Humans are really slow!” Because it’s true and we are.

But you don’t have to be anymore.

Just look at the world as a planet of equals. Learn from it. We can save ourselves, and help the planet, by literally listening to it.

And when we do, we help ourselves. There’s nothing more freeing than realizing, and living, the truth that humans are in charge of ourselves, and we are equals with all life. We all have a job to do, together. So come on, now, let’s go do it!

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