Webinars: September – October 2017

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 September 2017

Resolve Grief & Connect with your Beloved Dead

Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017 11 am PST Fee: $15 

Resolve Grief & Connect with Your Dead

Start to heal your grief by understanding how the afterlife works and creating a ritual to connect with your beloved dead, human or animal. Covers understanding signs and symbols, identifying your strongest intuitive ability to facilitate connection, tips to resolving grief, creating rituals, and a meditation that will be a straightforward, loving conversation with your dead. Participants will be able to ask questions, and Robyn may briefly connect to loved ones of some attendees, no guarantees. An opportunity to understand what happens in the afterlife, and how we can all connect to our loved ones.

October 2017

Claiming Home: From Lemuria and Atlantis to Life on Earth

Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017. Noon PST. Free.

Claiming Home

At times we have an unbearable longing to go home, and we realize it means another planet or dimension. No, you are not crazy: you are remembering our ancient origins and the reality (not the myth) of Lemuria and Atlantis. Learn what really happened in our ancient past, how we are connected to it, and what we can do to claim home here, where we chose to be, as part of a group of interstellar beings who created a new planet of equality and opportunity. And then lost it to the cataclysm.

Animals, the Afterlife, and Reincarnation

Wed. Oct. 11, 12 PST. Fee: $15.

Animals, the Afterlife, and Reincarnation

Do our animals reincarnate with us? Yes, no, and maybe. Learn how and why they do (or do not) and what that means for us, and for them, as multi-species families. We will discuss soul purpose, soul growth, what animals experience in the afterlife, how to prepare them and yourself for their deaths, and how to connect with them in the afterlife to find out what their next choice is. With true stories!

Working and Healing with Crystals

Thurs. Oct. 12, 2017. 11 PST. Fee: $15. 

Working and Healing with Crystals

Learn how to work and heal with crystals using practical tips and your own intuitive know-how. We will cover mindset and intention; how to choose and buy crystals; what is involved in clearing them (and keeping them clear); how to partner with them for best results; specific crystals for grounding, protection, clearing, and healing; routine handling; and more. Bring a crystal to work with in the webinar, preferably a clear or white quartz. You will leave with a clear understanding of how to achieve and deepen a healthy working relationship with crystals.

Clearing Ourselves, Clearing Our Spaces

Thursday, Oct. 19, 4 PST. Fee: $15.

Clearing Ourselves, Clearing Our Spaces

Yes, everything is energy, but how do we make that idea work for us? By learning how to keep ourselves and our spaces energetically clear we can create healthy, balanced lives and thriving, creative, healthy spaces to live and work in. We will discuss tips and techniques for partnering with our spaces and clearing them and ourselves, including how to know when clearing is needed, keeping clear, and rituals and tools for clearing.

Radio and Facebook Live

OM Times Radio, Mondays, 2 pm PST / 5 EST

The Practical Intuitive: Mind Body Spirit for the Real World


We are all intuitives and healers: here’s how we live it every day. Join me for brief intuitive and healing readings, lively conversations, and thought-provoking guests. Topics we’ll explore include:

  • Personal and business intuition
  • Animal communication and the human-animal bond
  • Psychic mediumship, the afterlife, ghosts, the paranormal
  • Crystals, intuitive partners, rituals
  • Space clearing at home, at work, and in nature
  • Past life and between life regression, spiritual awakening, soul retrievals/journeys
  • Shamanic  and energy healing modalities
  • Mindset, science, mysticism—and magic
  • Earth changes, the multiverse, and the mysterious (but real)

 Call in: 202-570-7057 or email me with questions/comments

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Coffee and Cosmos

Tuesdays, 11 am PST

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OM Times Experts badgeI am thrilled to be an OM Times Expert, hosting a weekly radio show, Facebook Live event, and webinars. Join me!

VILLE Magazine

Ville Magazine


See my interview on animal communication, Pet Talk, in the March issue of this fabulous Seattle magazine.

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June 9-10, 2018. Fee: $400
Yellowstone National Park

Want to claim your magic? There’s no better place for that than Yellowstone! What is your most sacred goal for the year, for your life? Want do you want to achieve? A book idea, a better connection to nature, an idea of what you were born to do? Whatever your goal, we will explore it in personal coaching with me and Fallon, in group work at sacred sites in Yellowstone, and in a personal vision quest.

Imagine it! Two days on an intuitive adventure in Yellowstone National Park! We’ll explore our intuition—how to deepen our connection with our intuitive best self, develop our intuitive muscles, create our best lives, learn to talk with animals, and learn to communicate with the land! Yellowstone is a partner in my business, a member of what I call the Alchemy West Committee, and has been a special retreat for me since my childhood. Come share the magic with me!

We’ll end with a vision quest at Mud Volcano, in partnership with the animals, the land, your guides, and my planetary guide, Grey, and enjoy a potluck get-together the last night!

We’ll explore the Lamar Valley (wolves and bears!), Norris Geyser Basin, Old Faithful and the lower geyser basin, and more!

Limited to 8 people. Includes hands-on mentoring, assignments, time to explore and to dig deep,  handouts.

Sign up now! It’s already filling up! Cost: $400. Does not include transportation, food, or lodging. You’ll need reservations by January to stay in the park. Contact Robyn for more details!


In an afternoon or evening gathering we explore the world of crystals and experience Fallon’s rare planetary and dimensional energy. It’s a relaxed, fun, inspiring event to explore Fallon, receive messages from him  and other beings, and gaze into him to see animals, guides, other worlds, and ancient lands, and explore the world of crystals and of being equal with all life. These gatherings are fun, inspirational, and deeply moving. Contact Robyn for times and arrangements.

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This is my storytelling arm, where I explore our intuitive lives, the human-animal bond, earth changes, evolving communities, and working with Fallon. How? With intuition, metaphysics, science, smarts, humor, heart, common sense, and attitude.

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