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Developing Strong Energy Boundaries.

Webinar series. 

Tuesdays. March 20 – April 17. 6 PST. Fee: $100.

Our demanding fast-paced lives can set us up for energetic imbalances that lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. We become healthy and balanced, and stay that way, and develop our natural intuitive and healing skills, by learning to develop and maintain strong intuitive energy boundaries.

Our energy boundaries filter experiences, allowing us to explore our world and attract good experiences while also protecting us. In this webinar series you will learn what energy boundaries are, how they support us, how we get energetically unbalanced, and how to develop and maintain them to live your best life. It will include how to use your intuition to support your energy boundaries, practical tools and simple energy healing techniques to strengthen and maintain them.

This series starts with a free introductory webinar and advances through four additional webinars that include lecture, discussion, demonstration, exercises, individual and group practice, and 1-on-1 mentoring with me. We will also have a private Facebook page to share questions, tips, and exercises between webinars, which Iwill moderate and participate in!

Available Webinars

Meet the Practical Intuitive v1

Meet the Practical Intuitive is a free introduction my work and the mindset of Planetary Connection, a mindset I learned from working with non-humans, from weather and land systems to homes and businesses, which means humans are equal with all life, not caretakers and guardians. This frees us to be our best and to grow in self-love and service to our families, cities, countries, and our conscious, evolving planet, and to tap our innate intuitive and healing abilities. What would you like to explore with me?

Soul Progression Clearing FINAL v1

Free exploration of Soul Progression Clearing, a clearing and healing modality I created that includes intuitive insight into an issue, shamanic techniques, assistance of spirit guides and divinities, and Reiki and crystal energy healing. It clears issues or blockages that may go back earlier in this lifetime or to past lives and clears attachments, from entities to thoughtforms. This process helps us be our best selves and move forward on the path to self-love and soul growth. Find out how it works, why specific modalities were chosen, and why you might consider a session. FREE.

Meet and Work with Your Spirit Guide

In Meet and Work with Your Spirit Guide you will learn you can have different spirit guides, or spiritual team members, at different life stages and for different things, from creativity and job performance to resolving grief. Learn the good and the bad about spirit guides: who they are, what they do for you, how to create the best partnership with them, and what to do when things go wrong. Experience a guided meditation to meet a member of your spiritual team and receive a gift from your guide so you can more easily contact them on your own. Before the webinar decide which guide you’d like to meet: the one who helps you at home, at work, in your creativity? The meditation will help you meet this guide. $15.

In this free webinar, Get Ready for Animal Communication, you will take away tips and techniques to prepare you to learn how to communicate with your animal family in the upcoming paid webinar, “Animal Communication and Our Animal Families.” Intuitive ideas, practical how-to’s, and structured play with your animals will give you a solid foundation to tap into the fascinating world of interspecies communication as you discover how your own animals react. While our intuitive ability is unique to us, this webinar will give you the basics to discover how yours works so you can leap right into connecting with your animals in the next webinar.

Communicating with our animal families can be one-sided: they hear us, but we often don’t hear them. In Animal Communication and Our Animals we’ll build on what you learned from the tips and techniques in the free webinar, Get Ready to Talk with Your Animals, to fine-tune your ability to communicate with your animal family. This webinar will deepen your bond to your animals by helping you really hear them and help you more easily and quickly respond to their needs. And it will help them connect better to you, too!

Curious about your past lives? Tune in to Experience a Past Life Regression! Here is your opportunity to safely explore a past life and get valuable information to support you today! We will discuss what a past life regression is from intuitive, shamanic, and hypnotherapy perspectives. This includes how it helps to both resolve blockages and phobias and tap skills and abilities from a previous life and how to prepare for and benefit from a regression. Then we’ll experience a brief, powerful past life regression to tap a valuable past life skill. Fee: $15.

In Tips to Become Your Best Self we explore that question, what you are supposed to do with your life? It is the universal angst, but no more. You are the best person to decide how to become your best self, from the practical to the mystical. Receive some suggestions, some practical and mystical advice, and the tools to create the life you need and want to grow your soul, to prosper, and to enjoy your beautiful life. FREE.

Resolve Grief & Connect with Your DeadStart to heal your grief by understanding how the afterlife works and creating a ritual to connect with your beloved dead, human or animal. Resolve Grief and Connect with Your Beloved Dead covers understanding signs and symbols, identifying your strongest intuitive ability to facilitate connection, tips to resolving grief, creating rituals, and a meditation that will be a straightforward, loving conversation with your dead. Participants will be able to ask questions, and Robyn may briefly connect to loved ones of some attendees, no guarantees. An opportunity to understand what happens in the afterlife, and how we can all connect to our loved ones. Fee: $15.

At times we have an unbearable longing to go home, and we realize it means another planet or dimension. In Claiming Home: Lemuria, Atlantis, Home, you’re learn you are not crazy: you are remembering our ancient origins and the reality (not the myth) of Lemuria and Atlantis. Learn what really happened in our ancient past, how we are connected to it, and what we can do to claim home here, where we chose to be, as part of a group of interstellar beings who created a new planet of equality and opportunity. And then lost it to the cataclysm. FREE.

Animals, the Afterlife, and ReincarnationDo our animals reincarnate with us? Yes, no, and maybe. In Animals, the Afterlife, and Reincarnation you’ll learn how and why they do (or do not) and what that means for us, and for them, as multi-species families. We will discuss soul purpose, soul growth, what animals experience in the afterlife, how to prepare them and yourself for their deaths, and how to connect with them in the afterlife to find out what their next choice is. With true stories! Fee: $15.

Working and Healing with CrystalsLearn how to work and heal with crystals using practical tips and your own intuitive know-how. In Working and Healing with Crystals we will cover mindset and intention; how to choose and buy crystals; what is involved in clearing them (and keeping them clear); how to partner with them for best results; specific crystals for grounding, protection, clearing, and healing; routine handling; and more. Bring a crystal to work with in the webinar, preferably a clear or white quartz. You will leave with a clear understanding of how to achieve and deepen a healthy working relationship with crystals. Fee: $15.

the multiverse is realYes, the multiverse is real: we live in a universe of multiple dimensions that sometimes include multiple earths (and multiple interstellar dimensions). Check it out: The Multiverse Is Real. That means other beings are also real, from humans living simultaneous lives in other dimensions (and not strictly human lives) to aliens (yes, aliens), to the Quinnich Nation (what we call Sasquatch or Bigfoot, which is why no one ever sees them) and DRAGONS. Learn about the multiverse, how to connect to multidimensional beings, and how NOT to travel there. It is fun, mysterious, and absolutely positively true.

Using Intuition in Business

Intuition is a real practical skill and if you do not know how to use it your business life will suffer. In Using Intuition in Business you’ll learn why. Savvy business people are either tapping their own intuitive skills or hiring professional intuitives to support them. Learn tips and techniques to use intuition at work: no fuss, no woo-woo, just tapping your innate intuitive skill to focus on a business issue for quantifiable results. Fee: $15.

Humans live in a world that does not exist, one that says we are guardians and caretakers in charge of the world. Instead, the world is a congregation of equals, where everything is alive, has a soul, consciousness, responsibility, free choice, and opinions. In this webinar, Planetary Connection: Being Our Best as Equals with All Life, we can learn how to grow, heal, and thrive in this mindset, which allows us to connect with a supportive, generous universe and to cooperate with all life for the welfare of our conscious, evolving planet. You will move more easily in the world, from tapping your intuition and creativity to living with a newfound confidence and comfort.

exploring our intuitive partners

We are innately intuitives and healers. That’s the good part. What’s better? We can attract and work with intuitive partners to boost our health, intuition, self-confidence, and prosperity. In Exploring Our Intuitive Partners, you’ll discover that our intuitive partners can be animals, other people, nature, our home and business spaces, crystals, ritual tools—the list goes on. Learn how to identify and work with your intuitive partners to help you be the best you can be (and help them as well).

Healing with Crystals for Self-Love. Our first and most important job is to love ourselves. Crystals can help! Learn how to work and heal with six important crystals that foster self-love. With crystal expert Kim Villines of Earthlight Rocks & Gems. Fee: $15.

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