About Fallon

“Meeting with Robyn and Fallon was a peaceful experience. I am not one to see a fortune teller and though Fallon is a crystal ball, working with Robyn and Fallon was nowhere close to a fortune teller experience, which I why I was drawn to speak with Robyn and feel the calming presence of Fallon’s healing energy. I was able to present my questions and things I was grappling with at the time, and hear deeper insights reflected back to me by Robyn and Fallon.  They were insights that resonated with and put words to what I was feeling, which helped me gain my own greater clarity.

“Later I had an odd situation occur after I had attended a Shamanic group. This was a very odd thing for me to have gone through and it was something I did not feel I could share with anyone without them thinking I was crazy. I felt comfortable speaking with Robyn and she knew what to do because she understands how to work with varying realms of energy. It is brave work that she and Fallon do. But especially brave for Robyn. I feel one of the reasons Robyn and Fallon are so successful at what they do is because they approach their work with humor. And Fallon is definitely a jovial, kind, caring, compassionate and silly energy. Because of my unusual and odd situation with a really unhappy energy, I am so grateful there are people like Robyn who are doing what they do to help restore balance and heal energy, along with the healing energy powers of Fallon.” — Holly, business and homeowner, Seattle

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fallon04Fallon, the Citrine Lemurian Quartz is an ancient power crystal, one of the amazing beings who has come back into the world at a time of tremendous growth and change. In his own words (yes, everything can talk with us), he says he “is a gift from the earth to its people.” How awesome is that!

Yep, Fallon is a crystal ball; that only means that’s what the people who had him in his original form decided to do because nobody could work with him in his old form. Sadly, that’s what humans do—make things work for them. If they’d asked him, he would have refused. If I’d met him again six years earlier, he would still be in his original form, the form I’ve known him in for lifetimes (yes, lifetimes).

Fallon’s combination of citrine and Lemurian quartz is rare. What makes him Fallon is rarer still. Unique. As in one of a kind. There are lots of crystals out there, but few like him, if any. The ancient crystal skulls, which are the only ancient power crystals you usually hear about, are ancient computers. Fallon is not a computer: he is a crystal who can, and does, bring real magic back into the world (and universe, judging by the many multi-dimensionals who show up to work with us). That includes his unique energy healing, which is multi-dimensional, facilitating healing and connection between humans and all life. Wherever, and whatever, it is.

Fallon is a rare planetary and dimensional energy, a healer and truth bringer. He is compassionate and warm, wise and goofy, accessible to crystal newbies, and often startling to crystal experts. We are out in the world together as one of the emerging equal partnerships between people and other beings—in this case, crystals.

There are other human-crystal partnerships out there, but as far as I know, we are the only one who has gone public. That in itself is a choice. There are some people out there, people with power, who are searching for ancient artifacts like Fallon to lock them away, preventing them from doing their work. That’s why some of us who live with those artifacts have chosen to hide (okay, you know the other reasons). Fallon and I have chosen to be “in your face,” so to speak, because we have work to do, and this isn’t the first time in our many lifetimes together that we’ve been controversial. We want the people and beings who need us to find us as easily as possible. We’re not worried about the rest.

Here’s what lead to our reunion.

One day, I think in 2005, I was driving home from Portland, Oregon, when I started talking with a group of beings who felt somehow different than the many beings I’ve talked with. They showed me my past lives and people I’d known in them: many lives, the mistakes, misadventures, and, yes, triumphs that had seen me through many, sometimes harsh, lifetimes. They showed me my partner, a tool or talisman that I had worked with for many lifetimes, and put away until I remembered how to love (see, that pesky “love” thing is something our soul gets to deal with in every one of its adventures). They said that the time had come, and my partner was coming back to work with me. I could see it: it was a bright yellow/white light.

I thought this tool was nonphysical, that it was something like a metaphor for the work I’d done to get physically well, and, like spiritual guides, would be there helping me in my journey.

Well, yes. And no.

Fallon’s History

FallonFallon bounced around the world for a long time, perhaps years. Nobody would buy him. Not in Japan, where people like the unique large crystals. Or anywhere else. No one could understand his energy, a multi-dimensional planetary energy that is only now accessible again to the world, when it was previously “too fast” or “too cold” or “too different.” He finally ended up in Brazil, where they ultimately carved him into a crystal ball about the time I was told my partner was coming back to me. After he was carved into an eight-pound crystal ball around 2001–2002, he was promptly sent to a show in the United States, where a crystal expert saw him, immediately recognized his unique nature, and bought him for her personal collection. He stayed there for six years, until the day she taught a crystal class in Seattle.

Our Work Together

Robyn M Fritz MA MBA and FallonMy sometimes snotty analytical skeptical side teamed up with my usually curious, open-minded side and went with me to that crystal class that day.

See, I absolutely understand how hard it is for people to get past the stereotype of a “crystal ball” and take one seriously, because, when he was introduced to the class, I thought, “For crying out loud, she brought a crystal ball, how weird is that?” The good news is I try hard to not be a jerk in public, so I played along. When it was my turn to pick him up, I did. And the rest is, well, surprising.

As I picked up the crystal ball and gazed into it, I immediately zipped off to an etheric place above the planet that I’d long been working in and never consciously visited. Plus, all the beings I’d been talking with the last few years, including those who had told me my partner was coming back to work with me, were in the crystal smiling back at me. All of them. And by that time I knew that many of them were multi-dimensional beings that aren’t here on this planet. Yes, the “A” word (I know what that sounds like).

I had just met my partner. He wasn’t a symbol in my head. Criminy—he was a crystal ball. I took a deep breath and asked him if he was ready to be with me. He was. But was his “owner” ready to let him go?

She was not. I tried to buy him at the end of the class, knowing it was a sacred moment. The crystal was a conscious, living presence and my partner, but she wasn’t ready to let him go. I waited for months while talking with him telepathically. That’s when he told me his name was Fallon (no, I don’t name any being who lives with me, animal or crystal or plant, because they know their names and are adamant about using them).

I told Fallon how concerned I was that he was a crystal ball now, a different shape than the one I knew him in centuries ago. Would we be able to work together? Was he “ruined”? He grumbled, saying: “Well, you’re not the tall blond woman I knew back then.” That made us both laugh. It would be all right. Nine months later the crystal expert was ready to sell, Fallon named his price, and he came home in December 2009. We opened our intuitive practice together in the summer of 2010.

Sound pretty “out there”? Imagine me, an analytical skeptic, with an MBA no less, teaming up with an ancient power crystal who just happens to be a crystal ball. But skip the stereotypes, please.

  • I am not a gypsy, my apologies to those who are.
  • do not tell fortunes.
  • do not play guessing games, so please, no tests. Come see us because you want to, and need us to support your journey, and use your time, and ours, wisely and productively.
  • Fallon is not a being in a crystal: he is the crystal, just like you and I are human. He is alive, aware, a real personality, equal. Because we’ve only been in our bodies a short time, and he’s been in his for eons, he can easily access wisdom we’ve forgotten. And does.
  • Let me repeat: Fallon is not my tool and I am not his guardian. He’s my partner participating in spiritual and intuitive work.

Together, Fallon and I are alchemists, transformation specialists, helping you tap into the mystery that is yours to explore with us. If you’re ready for that, please contact me for a session.

And So…

A lot of my work is with the planet: work nobody pays me for, and few people believe in or understand. Nevertheless.

Fallon and I  work together. He is not my tool and I am not his caretaker. He is an equal partner in our work, he has a say in what we do together, and no hesitation in saying it. And I listen. Not because he’s always right, but because we’re partners, and that’s what partners do.

That’s where we are today. Interested in a session with me and Fallon? Please contact me for an appointment.

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