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Meet the Practical Intuitive

Welcome to my website!

Want to sit back and see how my work can help you be your best? Then please enjoy this webinar from the Learn It Live platform from the OM Times Experts group and The Wellness Universe!

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Want to read about my offerings, and how they can serve you? It’s all here, from intuitive to spiritual consulting, past life regression, spiritual awakening, and energy healing.

Why me? Because …

You are emotionally healthy, practical, hardworking, and looking for an edge in your personal and business lives. Something that will add satisfaction, depth, insight.  

  • Do you struggle to find the spiritual meaning to your life?
  • Are you willing to look for answers, even into past lives or between lives?
  • Are you looking for Reiki or crystal energy healing?
  • Are you looking for intuitive insight into personal and business issues and situations?
  • Do you want to talk with an animal companion?
  • Do you need the healing and closure of a mediumship session with a deceased person or animal?
  • Does your home and business need support for healthy change, whether from traumatic or important life events, health or business issues, or even ghosts and the paranormal?
  • Would you like to fine-tune your intuitive skills, to let intuition become a practical, useful skill for everyday life?

Then welcome. You’re in the right place. I can help.

For 15 years I’ve offered intuitive and spiritual consulting, including Reiki and crystal energy healing and now certification as a past life regression specialist. All to help you help yourself—no if’s, and’s, but’s or BS. Ever.

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Spiritual Consulting

Intuitive Consulting

  • Mediumship. I help you connect with deceased people or animals for closure and to heal grief.
  • Animal Communication. I help deepen the human-animal bond from fun conversations to behavioral issues, lost animals, insight for your veterinarian, or assistance in hospice care, dying, and death.
  • Home and Business Space Clearing / Blessings. I energetically clear the spaces you live and work into resolve trauma, ghosts, the paranormal, and to facilitate real estate buy/sell, remodels, life transitions, business and wellness centers.
  • Intuitive Personal and Business Consultations. I provide insight into personal, creative, or professional goals, from relationships to business decisions, including looking at what the future might look like.
  • Intuitive Workshops and Mentoring. I help you develop your intuitive muscle to make life easier and better.

I would be honored to help you help yourself.

Who I Am, What I Do

Yes, I’ll get to that in a minute. First, the simple facts:

  • Love is everything, and it’s not a bit schmaltzy. I know. I’ve learned it the hard way.
  • I became a professional intuitive on Feb. 28, 2001 when my dog, Murphy, got us out of the house about two minutes before a 6.8 earthquake rocked Seattle. You become the best you can be when you marry analytical skepticism and the best of science with smarts, humility, and solid intuitive training and development. I know. I did it.
  • I’m a rebel because there’s always a better way. Always. Now, onward.

Robyn and Fallon 3My name is Robyn M Fritz and I am a Seattle intuitive, a transformation specialist. A certified past life regression specialist, I offer intuitive and spiritual consulting services using hypnotherapy, shamanic services, intuitive insight, and energy healing. I work with a rare, ancient power crystal, Fallon, the Citrine Lemurian Quartz.

My work supports yours in the world: I help you transform your life. Alchemy is the process of transforming, or changing, something ordinary into something extraordinary. It is what happens when you claim your personal power to create a coherent, satisfying journey that informs your personal, business, and creative lives, bringing you comfort and inspiration as it attracts prosperity.

Alchemical transformation is change at the deepest, most intense, body, mind, and spirit levels. I know. Alchemy changed my life.

How?  I chose the power of love. The mindset of connection, love invigorates us and the spaces we live and work in. It is tough, practical, no-nonsense, inspiring, energizing.

Saying “yes” to the power of love is hard, because we hear “no” everywhere, from our own self-doubt to “the world is in crisis, the times are tough.”

It’s not true. You are powerful, and the world is in opportunity.

I can help you claim your power with the magic of alchemical transformation:

  • Balance: When you are grounded and centered, you can find the unique “you” in the world.
  • Clarity: The “ah-ha” of insight allows your wise, practical, intuitive self to inform your choice.
  • Transformation: Balance and clarity create true alchemy—love, the magic of a satisfying, fulfilling life and career.

Contact me now for a session or workshop. Claim your alchemical change. Because you matter. It matters. And it works.

Planetary Connection: The Mindset of Love in Action

import 11-10 155Living love changes your life. I know: it changed mine. I know what life was like before I learned to love, and I’m never going back there again.

My journey to love was long and hard, but now I know the shortcuts, so I can help you choose love faster than I did. Yes, love is tough and no-nonsense. It’s also inspiring, energizing … the key to a successful life—and afterlife.

And it starts with mindset, a mindset I created after I’d been working with the world as it really is, and not as we think it should be. I call it Planetary Connection. It comes down to one thought:

·   Each of us holds the fate of the world in our choice. Each one of us, regardless of form.

Doesn’t that change everything?

Mindset is our paradigm for living in the world. Right now most people live in a human paradigm—a worldview that is all about us—the mindset of Planetary Healing. It insists that humans are caretakers and guardians in charge of ruling and healing the planet, and that “god” is in charge of us.

The problem? Planetary Healing is all about ego, which limits us, sticking us in old patterns that impede our personal and professional growth. And the planet’s with us.

The rest of the planet lives in an earth paradigm—a worldview that’s all about life—the mindset of Planetary Connection. It insists that everything is alive, from buttercups to bison, cars to cottages, volcanoes to hurricanes and our conscious, evolving planet. All life, whatever its form, is equal to us, has a separate and distinct soul and personality, consciousness, rights, responsibility, free choice to do its work, and an attitude. Together, all life collaboratively builds a healthy world.

I know this mindset is true because I learned it from other beings, from animals to land and weather systems, including volcanoes and hurricanes. I know that we humans are the only beings on our planet who ignore it and so have forgotten the world’s richness and diversity. We don’t function as well as we could so all life misses out, because all life needs to work together.

Consider this.

The human paradigm, or Planetary Healing, insists that when we observe an atom or a drop of water it’s our human consciousness that causes the atom to move and the water’s crystalline structure to change. This is quantum physics, a science that glorifies humans. Incorrectly. (Yes, it’s wrong.)

The earth paradigm, or Planetary Connection, suggests that the atom and the water, perhaps thrilled (or relieved) to have finally caught our attention, are simply waving hello. Yes, this is how the world really exists. It’s just trying to connect with us!

Planetary Connection is a mindset that requires us to love—ourselves, our world, each other. To create a clear-minded, free-thinking, loving collaboration beyond stereotypes. To live the truth that all our work is of equal value, whatever it is, from carpenters to hair stylists, scientists to farmers, artists to politicians—volcano to grass, hurricane to snow, tree to dog.

As we humans find our way to love ourselves and of all life as equals we become our best selves. We find our personal balance, which leads to clarity of thought and action, and ends in transformation.

It’s love in action—real magic.

That’s what I do. Help you create your magic as we explore a new way of thinking and being in the world. Together.

Won’t you join me? Email or phone me for your appointment.

Your magic is waiting.

© 2013-2017 Robyn M Fritz